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Welcome to the Thoughtspace Open Access Sales Virtual Experience Program Internship (Example)

Watch this video then work on the module below


Customer Research

Customer Persona

Information Gathering

Cold Emailing


2. Presenting Your offer & Closing

Proposal Creation

Overcoming Objection



3. Solving Problems

New Funnels

Pitch Deck Creation

Automating Sales

Welcome to the Open-Access Sale Virtual Experience Program

This module is designed to give you a feel of what it is like to work at Thoughtspace is a sales-related role. In this virtual experience, we will take you through how we conduct sales taking you through Thoughtspaces sales cycle

As a Sales Representative at Thoughtspace, you will learn how to prospect, make contact with customers, qualify leads, nature your prospect, present your offer, over come objections, and close the sale!

How the Virtual Experience Program works:

View the module to find out what you have to do. Each module includes links to resources to help you complete the task.

Submit your work and review the model answers to see how well you’ve done.

Once you have completed all tasks, you can put this Virtual Experience Program on your resume. 

Your Progress (33%)


Presenting your offer & Closing

Solving Problems

Drop your Resume Here 

Course Insights

  • 62% of the students who have completed this virtual experience are business majors

  • 7 out of 10 are interested in leadership development 

  • 48% have undergone a full-time internship

  • 72% are interested in full-time positions

This virtual experience is 100% remote

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