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Task 1 


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Employment Preferences: 

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Here is some background information on your task

You are now a member of the Thoughtspace Business Development Team. As a business development representative, it is your job to find companies that would be a good fit for our current product offerings.


Review our website to get an in-depth understanding of what we do and what we sell. There is some helpful PDFs bellow for you to get a better understanding of how we generate leads and turn them into sales. 

Here is your task

Your first task today is to do some research and identify markets in which virtual experiences, internships, and case studies can utilized.

Use google to find 5 companies that would be a good fit for Thoughtspace's service offerings. 

Then pick one of the five companies and find the right stakeholder on LinkedIn, get their name and email. Bonus point if you get their number.

Then Write a mock email to a prospective customer to begin the sales process.

Then build a customer persona for the ideal customer for Thoughtspace.

Submit the 5 companies name, the one stack holders name & Email, and the customer persona of the ideal customer

Helpful Resources

Here is a guide on how to formulate a customer persona 


Assignment Checklist

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Cold Email Example

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Other helpful resources

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